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April is Financial Literacy Month!

Chrysalis’ core commitment is to help people secure employment and get on a pathway to stability, security, and fulfillment in their work and lives. Woven into the fabric of our supportive services and resources are tools and trainings that enhance financial literacy.

Financial literacy


the ability to understand and effectively use various financial skills, including personal financial management, budgeting, and investing

Each quarter, Chrysalis’ Volunteer & Program team hosts a Financial Empowerment Series – financial literacy workshops that are a key thread in someone’s journey to self-sufficiency. Workshops allow our clients to access valuable tools and financial education and are hosted in partnership with volunteers who work at banks that provide grant support for Chrysalis’ programs.

Everyone deserves to be empowered financially, but it can be hard to know where to start.

Financial empowerment workshops are offered virtually and in person at Chrysalis’ centers in English and Spanish and cover a range of topics, including:

  • Banking basics
  • Online banking
  • Establishing credit/understanding credit scores

The variety of subject matter and ways of access mean more clients can attend sessions, based on what is most relevant to their needs.

Financial Literacy Class in Santa Monica
Clients attend the Listos, Clic, Advance workshop with Capital One at our San Fernando Valley center.
Financial Literacy Class in San Fernando Valley
Clients participate in a Financial Security workshop with Union Bank hosted at our Santa Monica center.

Each series of our financial literacy workshops are made possible by local banks that dedicate their time and talent to Chrysalis and our clients, including Bank of America, Capital One, CTBC Bank (USA), First Citizens Bank (formerly CIT/One West Bank), Pacific Western Bank, Pacific Premier Bank, and Union Bank.

In honor of Financial Literacy Month, we are offering three workshops at the end of April on the following topics:

  • Healthy Credit
  • Saving Success
  • Borrowing Basics

Special thank you to our hosts, Bank of America, Capital One, and Pacific Western Bank.

Thank you to our partners

Chrysalis’ bank partnerships, and the people behind them, help us change lives. Not only are these partners supporting Chrysalis through their grant programs, they are providing essential services to our clients. They provide care and support to those we serve with the same attitude and compassion as our staff and volunteers. They become inspired by participating in our program delivery and may even return as program volunteers.

Building sustainable financial literacy habits and money management goals is just one part of the larger picture of individual growth and dignity. Our 2022 client engagement survey results show that our clients cite financial literacy as an ongoing need. We are grateful to the community that helps make this part of our program possible.

Bank of America Capital One
CTBC Bank First Citizens Bank
Pacific Premier Bank Pacific Western Bank
Union Bank

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Eliza Sanchez

Eliza Sanchez
Manager of Institutional Giving, Chrysalis

Drawn to Chrysalis by her passion for serving her community through mission-driven work that has a tangible impact, Eliza is dedicated to helping our clients navigate barriers to employment with agency, dignity, and respect. As Manager of Institutional Giving, she helps secure key funding from corporate donors and foundations.

Eliza has a degree in Marketing Communications from Emerson College. In her personal time, she volunteers with community-based groups to care for our neighborhoods and enjoys reading, writing, listening to history podcasts, and photography.

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