Are you looking for dedicated individuals to support your business during the holiday season? Look no further. Chrysalis specializes in connecting employers with exceptional talent, and we’re here to make your seasonal hiring a breeze.

At Chrysalis, we understand the unique challenges of seasonal hiring. Let us help you find the right talent to make your holiday season a success.Reach out to our business development team today and experience the Chrysalis difference. Our Direct Hire seasonal assistance program is completely free to employers. We can support businesses on the Westside, near Downtown LA, in the San Fernando Valley, and near Anaheim.

Chrysalis has successfully placed our clients in businesses across Los Angeles and Orange Counties, providing best-in-class solutions to some of our region’s most visible communities and demanding business customers. And we also provide ongoing support to our customers and clients after hire.

In 2021, Chrysalis was proud to be voted best staffing agency by the readers of Los Angeles Downtown News.


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California’s governor signed Assembly Bill 150 establishing the Homeless Hiring Tax Credit (HHTC). The credit is available for taxable years from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2026. Employers may receive $2,500 to $10,000 in tax credit per eligible employee based on the actual hours worked in the taxable year. Employers may claim up to $30,000 of credit per taxable year.

Check back here to download an informational document prepared by Chrysalis when it is released.

Social enterprises are businesses whose primary purpose is the common good. They are the application of commercial strategies and disciplines to human and environmental challenges.

Chrysalis has four divisions of our employment social enterprise, which offer transitional jobs to clients, giving them the opportunity to earn a paycheck and develop marketable experience and occupational skills within a supportive work environment as they continue to search for employment. A transitional job with one of our four business lines is often the stepping stone clients need to move on to employment outside of our organization.

At Chrysalis, we use an employment social enterprise model to help clients who are facing barriers to employment by providing transitional jobs that allow clients to earn a paycheck, develop soft skills, and work on other elements of their personal employment plan while they search for employment outside of Chrysalis.

Chrysalis Enterprises is split into four divisions: Staffing, Works, Roads, and Safekeeping. Staffing was launched in 1991 (formerly known as Labor Connection) and focuses on placing temporary or temporary-to-permanent employees in a wide variety of businesses. Works provides street cleaning, trash removal, and graffiti removal services to a growing number of business improvement districts (BIDs). Roads began in 2016 through a partnership with the Los Angeles Mayor’s Office of Reentry and Caltrans and has since expanded in Orange County. This business provides highway maintenance jobs to clients on active supervision. Finally, Safekeeping encompasses contracts with housekeeping and janitorial as well as safe storage (Bin) locations that Chrysalis has maintained for many years as a part of Chrysalis Works. These services were spun off into their own business line in 2021 and provide clients with housekeeping work in various settings as well as janitorial and customer service jobs at three free, safe storage facilities, where housed and unhoused patrons can store and access their personal property.

For 30 years, Chrysalis Staffing has been connecting clients to temporary and temporary-to-permanent jobs with a growing pool of businesses in our community across a variety of industries.

Our staffing services include full administrative support, payroll and workers’ compensation insurance, training, and customized services – all without conversion fees or minimum hours billed clauses. We strive to provide top tier customer service, setting our clients and partners up for success. Staffing connects approximately 50-70 clients each week to our business partners, allowing clients to apply the skills they have learned at Chrysalis, while supporting our partners’ business objectives.

The Staffing team communicates directly with Employment Specialists to identify clients with particular goals in mind, working together to place them in jobs that will help them reach those goals. Along with developing employment opportunities and facilitating connections to job leads for clients – Staffing continues to provide services and support for the employer and their new hire throughout from the interview through hiring. The retention services we offer clients and partners help to make sure that both parties are set up for success!

In 2013, after an increasing number of Staffing employers expressed an interest in finding dedicated employees through Chrysalis, we established the Direct Hire Program. Though similar to Staffing, Direct Hire connects clients to employment opportunities looking to hire permanent employees right away. The Direct Hire team facilitates job opportunities and assists businesses through the screening process by communicating with Employment Specialists to identify clients with goals that are in line with what particular employers are looking for in potential employees.

Along with establishing and maintaining partnerships with local businesses, developing employment opportunities, and facilitating connections to job leads for clients — Direct Hire also provides services and support for both the employer and their new hire from the interview through hiring, along with retention services to ensure both parties are set up for success.

In 2021, nearly 300 clients secured work through this program.

Through contracts with numerous Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) in Los Angeles County, we have been employing clients on street maintenance teams for over two decades, providing local communities with trash removal, street sweeping, pressure washing, and graffiti removal services.

Clients are referred to Works by their Employment Specialists, and can be employed by the for up to one year. Works provides clients with the opportunity to build valuable skills they can take with them into any work environment.

We partner closely with our customers, creating customized training programs and other special services to ensure customers are receiving excellent service and the best value for their business dollar.

Made possible through a partnership between the L.A. Mayor’s Office of Reentry and Caltrans, and managed by Chrysalis, the New Roads to Second Chances program has been offering individuals on active supervision transitional jobs since 2016. In addition, the business was expanded in LA and into OC thanks to a partnership with the Butte County Office of Education.

In these jobs, clients provide landscaping, litter abatement, and maintenance services on LA and OC freeways.

While employed by this business, program participants receive individualized support and job training, access to workshops, support groups, legal counseling, and job placement assistance. Clients are referred to Roads by their Employment Specialists, and can be employed for up to 90 days.

In 2021, Chrysalis spun off our fourth employment social enterprise business line – Safekeeping – which encompasses our contracted housekeeping and safe storage (Bin) services, formerly sub-divisions of Chrysalis Works. We contract with various partners to provide their housekeeping and janitorial work and also operate three free, safe storage facilities, where housed and unhoused patrons can store and access their personal property.