A few weeks ago, Chrysalis sat down with members of the Los Angeles Times Editorial Board and spoke about how employment-focused solutions are a key part of addressing the homeless crisis facing our community. They narrowed in on a new program that could serve as a vital next step for someone who is trying to move forward with their life:

Two years ago, Chrysalis began conversations with the City of Los Angeles to lead a year-long pilot program that would put Chrysalis clients who had experienced homelessness back to work alongside Department of Sanitation crews to pick up litter throughout the City. Chrysalis is well-positioned for this work, as we have been reconnecting homeless and low-income individuals with the workforce via our transitional jobs programs doing street and freeway litter abatement for three decades.

Studies have proven that investments in transitional jobs programs like Chrysalis’ lead to:

  • Improved housing and health outcomes.
  • $1.31 in taxpayer savings and an additional $2.23 in benefits provided to society for every $1 spent.

Read the full Los Angeles Times editorial here.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to work and thrive. Transitional jobs can be an important step on the path forward for individuals who have experienced homelessness, and we have an opportunity – with this transitional jobs program – to address two key challenges facing Los Angeles right now.

Contact your City Councilmember today and let them know that you support Chrysalis and the Loose Litter Program.