After six years of unemployment, Daniel came to Chrysalis with the drive to secure work so that he could provide for his family. As he reflects on his first visit to our center, he shares, “I was immediately impressed. It was a different atmosphere than most work source centers that I have been to.” After learning about our services and grabbing a hot cup of coffee, he dove into our program determined to land a job.

In 2012, Daniel suffered a gunshot wound that resulted in physical, emotional, and mental pain that he began to manage with alcohol. However, driven by his resolve to heal and be a father to his two children, he sought out help, eventually joining a recovery program that would refer him to Chrysalis. “I was getting my life back together…through recovery first and then looking for work. It was time for me to get back on my feet.”

At Chrysalis, Daniel was motivated to put his best foot forward. He observed the importance of showing up on time (if not a bit early), re-familiarized himself with the essentials of conducting a successful job search in our core classes, and got to work updating his seven-year-old resume with support from his Employment Specialist.

About a week into our program, he discovered a job lead with UPS on a Chrysalis job board. In preparation for the interview, he visited our resource room where he obtained professional attire for the big day. “That really set Chrysalis apart. I’ve never been offered that help. It really boosted my confidence.

After attending the hiring orientation and upon completing the second half of the application process, Daniel was hired. “I got to ring the bell, and it was just so inspirational to see the other [clients] feel that they could do the same as me.”

Three years later, Daniel continues to have success, and in more ways than one. In addition to maintaining steady employment with UPS, he celebrates being present for his family and recently being approved for a home loan. He also continues to give back by volunteering in the recovery community, sharing his story, and has helped connect over 20 Chrysalis clients to employment opportunities with UPS.

He shares that his journey requires continued perseverance. “I’ve had some really great accomplishments. I never gave up. I continue to push. It is hard work, but it is so worth it,” he shares.

We admire Daniel’s continued resilience and thank him for creating ripples of change – for himself and others!