In late 2015, Chrysalis hosted Mayor Eric Garcetti’s press conference announcing the launch of the Los Angeles Regional Initiative for Social Enterprise (LA:RISE), an innovative partnership uniting nonprofit social enterprises with the City and County of Los Angeles’ workforce development system, supportive services, and employers. The bridge built between the public and private sectors has provided an opportunity for everyone to bring their respective expertise and resources to the table, working together to improve the lives of all Angelenos.

Chrysalis has been a part of the growing program since its inception. Over the years, our partnership has grown and strengthened, paving the way for expanded opportunities for those we serve, including individuals experiencing homelessness across in Los Angeles. Spend some time at Chrysalis’ Downtown LA center and you’ll likely meet Christine, an Employment Service Specialist from the Northeast Los Angeles WorkSource Center, operated by Goodwill Southern California. Twice a week Christine is co-located at Chrysalis, providing clients with resources and services to help them obtain outside employment. Collaboration between social enterprises, WorkSource Centers, and America’s Job Centers of California (AJCCs) has allowed us all to better support clients through their journey from a transitional to a permanent job.

From being part of the program’s early design meetings to now, it has been exciting to watch LA:RISE not only grow, but thrive — thanks to continuous support from community partners, REDF, the County’s Workforce Development Aging and Community Services (WDACS), and the City’s Economic Workforce Development Department (EWDD).

Last year, we were further able to expand the program thanks to additional funding from the County of Los Angeles’ Measure H Initiative, aimed at reducing homelessness across the region. The collaborative effort made possible through LA:RISE has helped create a positive collective impact for over 2,500 participants since the program’s founding. And of that 2,500, over 850 are Chrysalis clients!

“LA:RISE has been a source of funding to help us serve many more clients than we would otherwise be able to, and do it at a quality and depth that really makes a difference,” says Chrysalis President & CEO Mark Loranger.

Thank you to Los Angeles City and County officials, the Measure H Initiative, REDF, and our social enterprise and workforce development partners for helping to create life-changing opportunities for the members of our community facing barriers to employment.