Volunteer Spotlight: Sherri

Sherri has a long-running volunteer resume. During her years working in Detroit as an executive editor at a monthly real estate newspaper, Sherri used her writing skills to help people experiencing homelessness in a facet similar to what awaited her at Chrysalis.

When the Santa Monica-native made her way back to Southern California, she knew that volunteering was something she wanted to continue. In fact, she took on as many volunteer opportunities as she could handle. While she might find herself working with Chrysalis clients by day, by night she plays DJ at a senior center, where she just happens to be the resident karaoke expert, too. And when she’s not at Chrysalis or the senior center, she is often providing mediation as a volunteer at local judicial courts or providing literacy lessons to adult students.

Though she holds all of her volunteer work close to her heart, Sherri has a soft spot for Chrysalis. Most of all, she loves the contact she gets to have with Chrysalis clients. The joy and satisfaction they feel after they complete the task at hand is important to Sherri, as is the ability to be able to provide services efficiently and seamlessly. “I tested a number of volunteer opportunities,” she recalls, “and Chrysalis was, by far, the most organized and professional organization…the rest is history. I love Chrysalis!”

When meeting with a client to work on their resume or practice an interview, Sherri focuses on encouraging clients to feel proud and confident in their accomplishments and skills. At the end of each session, Sherri has guided someone through writing a new resume or prepared someone to feel more confident in an interview. Furthermore, she appreciates knowing that the work she and the client put in, really does make a difference. “I remember conducting a practice interview with a gentleman and hearing soon thereafter that he got the job,” she shared. “Even now, I still think about it and smile”

Without a doubt in her mind, Sherri plans to volunteer at Chrysalis for years to come. Having decades of experience serving her community, it is hard for her to imagine a life without volunteering. In her time working with clients, Sherri has grown to love the Volunteer & Program team at Chrysalis and appreciates their unwavering devotion to clients, a devotion that she shares and which has led her to become an immeasurable asset to many.

The Volunteer & Program team is currently recruiting volunteers to support clients virtually and in person – please click here to learn more.