Tiffany Bey’s bags are full of books: “The Hare with Amber Eyes” by Edmund de Waal, “The Dangerous Book for Boys” by Jill Footlick and “Heart of Darkness” by Joseph Conrad.

Bey also has science books, biographies and children’s books. She’s a bookworm and spends as much time reading as possible. “I like nonfiction better than fiction, because I’m a heavy researcher,” Bey said.

But Bey, who is homeless and lives in a tent in downtown LA, doesn’t have a safe place to store her books. So recently she signed up for The Bin, a storage facility on Towne Avenue.

It’s great, I’m happy I found it because it really helped me out when I needed it. I store the items that are most valuable to me in here,” she said while unloading books at the facility.

The Bin is a simple solution to a complicated issue — storage for LA’s homeless. People who need a safe place to keep their belongings safe can sign up for a bin at no cost. Each bin is a repurposed, and clean, 60-gallon trash can where individuals can store anything from clothes to important documents, shoes, or in Bey’s case, books.

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