Volunteer Spotlight: Stephen

A little over a year ago, Los Angeles local Stephen was looking for ways to give back and get involved in his community. As a hiring manager for his company, he thought Chrysalis had a variety of fitting opportunities for him. He believed his experience helped him “see the best of both worlds when it comes to career placement.”

His job entails reviewing thousands of resumes and conducting hundreds of interviews, giving him useful insight that he can pass along to the clients he works with. Rather than only discussing hypothetical situations, Stephen is able to bring real-life experiences to the table when volunteering with Chrysalis San Fernando Valley clients. He even notes that his time volunteering at Chrysalis is helping to inform his own hiring process.

When Chrysalis implemented a virtual program in order to continue delivering services to clients amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Stephen was more than ready to continue lending a helping hand.

“My company is a virtual office that handles most of our business remotely, so I thought the transition would be easy,” he explains. Working with people over the phone isn’t always as simple as it might sound, but Stephen has had plenty of time to become accustomed to the nuances of virtual meetings. He shares that he was happy Chrysalis was able to begin a virtual version of the program so quickly.

Maybe more than his knowledge of how to conduct business from a distance, it was important to Stephen that he was able to continue writing resumes and preparing clients for job interviews.

One of his favorite parts of volunteering is having the opportunity to meet and work with many different people, as well as the challenges that come with adjusting his approach for each individual. As he gets to know each client, he’s better able to understand their needs and how to tailor his approach.

“One of the most principal ideas I talk about is the idea of telling a story to whoever you’re talking to. Every client has a unique situation.

For Stephen, a resume or how one talks about themselves in an interview can paint a picture for an employer. It’s a chance for a client to show how they’ll fit into the work setting. And, while it can be a challenge, it is something he and the client can work on together.

“I just want to share some of my knowledge to help influence clients to be the best that they can be.”