“I’m more of a family man kind of guy,” says Dave, who first connected with Chrysalis two years ago. He spends as much time as he can with his children who can’t seem to get enough of him. “Now, they always want to hang out with me. I look at them and see that glow in their eyes.”

The time Dave spends with his family is precious because years ago a weekend adventure together was not an option. “I was lost for a long time,” he shared, reflecting on days when he felt he had nowhere to turn. Prior to beginning his program at Chrysalis, Dave was experiencing alcohol dependence and was involved with the justice system. He faced an uphill climb toward stability but was driven by his desire for the opportunity to change his direction in life and reconnect with his children. With support from reentry resources he was connected to, Dave started living with his sobriety and looking for employment opportunities.

Then, Dave came to Chrysalis. His Employment Specialist identified the Chrysalis Roads program as an opportunity to build his resume and exercise his very strong soft skills, including his diligence and positivity. Commonly referred to as Roads, the program provides Chrysalis clients with transitional, time-limited employment as they continue on their job search. For many clients, working as a part of a Roads crew serves as a temporary source of income and useful job experience for their resume. For Dave, it became an avenue where he could thrive.

During his time in Roads, Dave became an admired and reliable team member. Constantly encouraging his fellow participants to continue to work hard and stay positive, he stood out as someone who could lead his team and earned a promotion to a supervisor position and full-time job with Chrysalis. This leadership experience and his strong reputation made his job application Caltrans stand out, and he went on to be hired by the state agency.

At Chrysalis, there is a tradition of having a client ring the Success Bell in the center lobby after they have secured a job. All activity comes to a halt as staff, volunteers, and clients join together in the lobby to cheer, clap, and congratulate the client who is celebrating this achievement. After COVID-19 pandemic hit, this tradition had to take a pause as our program became virtual, although each job secured was met with just as much enthusiasm. As Chrysalis began to offer additional in-person services, the centers’ Success Bell Ringings were highly anticipated and eagerly awaited. At long last, Dave became Chrysalis’ inaugural in-person Bell Ringing. The Orange County team could hardly contain their excitement to cheer on Dave in person, and he was just as thrilled to ring the Success Bell to celebrate his new job.



As a landscape worker for Caltrans, Dave loves what he does and takes every opportunity to learn and grow. As for what is next on his horizon, his five-year plan includes moving to Northern California and training to become an electrician. While he does acknowledge giving it his all at work, of his success, Dave shared this: “It’s not just what you put into the job. It is what you put in to change.”

Chrysalis services and resources that Dave lists as being important to his search for employment:

  • An Employment Specialist and volunteers to assist with resume writing and practice interviewing.
  • Transitional employment with Chrysalis Enterprises: Roads.
  • A motel voucher and assistance with basic needs.

Thank you to our supporters and champions for ensuring that Chrysalis is available to help clients like Dave find, secure, and retain employment!