Success Bells: Kariana

When the phone rings, Kariana seamlessly shifts to business mode – she is ready to assist her tenants at a moment’s notice. As a property manager for Hollywood View Towers, completing her responsibilities is a balancing act. While one morning she may be leasing out a newly available unit, by noon, she could be calling vendors around town to repair a leak in an apartment. All of this in addition to pursuing opportunities as a licensed real estate agent.

A year prior, this work was what she was dreaming about when she moved to California. At that time, not only was she navigating the move itself, but as she began applying to jobs, she encountered a few bumps in the road.

Securing housing was incredibly tough and Kariana found herself experiencing homelessness. A community bulletin board at a shelter she utilized had a Chrysalis flyer on it. She took down the information and with her tenacity and ambition, kept moving forward. “Never give up,” she asserts, “If you’re going to fall, fall forward. If you’re going to have to crawl, keep on crawling until you get that one knee up and you turn it into a stance and turn that stance into a walk.”

For Kariana, that walk turned into a run after securing a transitional job through Chrysalis. As a food runner for Project Roomkey, she excelled in every way. Her customer service skills were unparalleled and her positive attitude and reliability made her a strong asset to the team. It wasn’t long before the leading service provider at that Project Roomkey site offered her a permanent position as a front desk clerk. Kariana would also go on to become a property manager.

Never forgetting her long-term career goals, Kariana continued to work with her Employment Specialist. Through many check-ins with her Employment Specialist, she is dedicating some of her time to exploring more opportunities as a licensed real estate agent. This includes studying Spanish so she can add a valuable communication skill to the list of assets that she brings to the table. Today, she charges forth on her upward trajectory and not only shines at her current position, but is also building her network for the future.

For anyone facing barriers in life, Kariana tells them, “Don’t give up on yourself. There will be times in life where things will not go the way that you hope, but it’s about your willingness to persevere and be stronger than any obstacle you may face.”

Chrysalis services and resources that Kariana lists as being important to her search for employment:

  • An Employment Specialist and volunteers to assist with resume writing and practice interviewing.
  • Access to LA:RISE.
  • Transitional employment with Chrysalis Enterprises.
  • Professional clothing and PPE for her job.

Thank you to our supporters and champions for ensuring that Chrysalis is available to help clients like Kariana to find, secure, and retain employment!