Ready to take the next step in their career, Jessi first joined the Chrysalis Downtown Los Angeles center as an Employment Specialist in 2021. While supporting clients in this capacity, Jessi has found inspiration in cultivating meaningful relationships with those we serve. Currently, as the Business Development Coordinator, they leverage their expertise to support clients in our Direct Hire program.

Direct Hire team members like Jessi facilitates communication between Chrysalis clients and our hiring partners. Through the program, clients benefit from ongoing support from the time they submit their job application, receive a job offer and accept it, to when they are onboarded and embracing their new position. For Jessi, their role is a chance to advocate for clients who may not meet the listed job requirements – on paper – but possess key transferable skills. Through open communication with the employers, Jessi pinpoints exactly what employers seek, while advising and advocating for our clients, offering an advantage compared to when job seekers apply on their own.

Recently, Jessi worked with a client who wanted to enter the nonprofit sector but didn’t meet a requirement listed in the job description: a diploma or GED. Working with The Good Seed, Jessi supported the client through the interview process by highlighting the ways in which the client was qualified for the role. Thanks to Jessi’s advocacy on behalf of the client, they ended up securing the position as a case manager.

“You’re going to have a lot more losses before you have wins.” Jessi shares, “It’s not just the wins, but supporting our clients on the valleys as well as the peaks. That makes seeing them getting a job that much sweeter.”

A typical day in the office for Jessi starts with checking messages from clients and employers. If Jessi receives a referral, they call the client and discuss if a job is the right fit. They consider commute times, education requirements, and interview availability. If the opportunity doesn’t match, it’s never a “no” when working with Jessi, and they’ll always find other opportunities for them. They also follow up with the clients who have interviews by assisting them with transportation plans, printing out copies of their resumes, or preparing them with a practice interview.

Jessi Headshot

“I have always been interested in building a community in an otherwise alienating city. It really motivates me to be in a community with my clients and coworkers. Working towards racial, gender, and queer justice is very important to me.” Jessi says, “I’ve been in that position before and I want to share knowledge and resources and power.”

Outside of work, Jessi can be found spending a night out in repertory theaters watching movies in 35 mm film. As a literarian, they enjoy writing poetry and short stories, as well as collecting vinyl and playing video games.


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