When David finishes his work as a Ph.D. consultant for chemical safety, his day isn’t over. In his full-time job as a hiring manager, part of his duties includes conducting evaluations of staff and gaining insight.

As a Chrysalis volunteer, David brings that same level of expertise when facilitating job-readiness classes, helping with resume preparation and practice interviews, and connecting in meaningful ways with our clients.

As a trilinguist, he provides an added layer of support to clients who experience a language barrier when receiving services at Chrysalis. He recalls working with a Mandarin-speaking client to update her resume. After learning more about her work history, barriers to employment, and goal of returning to a career in education, David scheduled a follow-up meeting with the client. Together, they reviewed relevant job opportunities he had researched, and David went on to connect the client with individuals in his network.

This is just one example of how our Chrysalis volunteers go above and beyond for those we serve.


“I enjoy connecting with the clients in an individual setting. I learn a lot. I find it very fulfilling to provide them with encouragement. The clients are always so grateful and thankful – that makes my day. It’s rewarding to spend time with them.”

David lives in Orange County with his wife, two grown children, and two dogs. He feels very happy to have such a rewarding professional and family life and enjoys dedicating his time and talent to his community. Outside of volunteering for Chrysalis, David donates his time to various organizations. In his free time, he enjoys traveling and – fun fact – has been to every continent except Antarctica!